About RedBooksNow

RedBooksNow is a single-window web platform where users can Rent, Sell, Exchange and Donate their books directly to other students at a very minimal cost.

RedBooksNow is built on a simple philosophy to make modern education affordable and accessible to all.

At RedBooksNow, we are driven by three guiding principles – Accessibility, Availability, and Affordability.

We are empowering students to have access to a plethora of unaffordable books at an affordable price. Our platform also enables students to create their own market by the flow of exchanging, renting and selling books.

Moreover, RedBooksNow innovates to serve for a single platform where exchanging and gaining knowledge through content is made easier than ever.

RedBooksNow provides a seamlessly innovative shared platform where the existing education market could be transformed beneficially through shared content, thereby promoting our motto, "sharing is the new learning".

We are a mission-driven company based in India with an experienced founding team and a magnificent ambition. At RedBooksNow, we believe that every day is a milestone and success is about making a difference.

Therefore, if you are someone who is passionate about bringing changes to today’s education, let's have a conversation!

#BringTheChange   #Sharing is the new learning

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